What has a floor but no ceiling?

Oceans may seem infinite, stretching into depths we cannot see. But they are not limitless in their capacities. Let's take better care of what's covering 71% of our planet. Explore Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life below water.

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How #TOGETHERBAND protects the oceans

With WWF Tanzania Marine Programme

#TOGETHERBAND supports charities and organizations such as WWF by raising awareness around what they do, as well as funding through band sales.

What they do: WWF works on a number of conservation and development projects in coastal Tanzania, working with local communities, businesses and government to help protect their environment, green their economy and build a more sustainable future.

Their aim: To ensure the sustainable management of Tanzania’s vital coastal seascape; protecting the incredible variety of wildlife, and the people who depend on its resources.

See who's passionate about this goal


Alessandra Ambrosio

Supermodel, ocean lover and #TOGETHERBAND ambassador for Goal 14

Cody Simpson

Singer, songwriter, UNDP Ocean Advocate and #TOGETHERBAND ambassador for Goal 14

Sylvia Earle

Oceanographer, founder of Mission Blue and #TOGETHERBAND expert for Goal 14

Show your passion too with #TOGETHERBAND

17 Goals, 17 bands. This one represents SDG 14 Life below water. When you buy a pack you always receive two identical bands - One to wear as a symbol of support, one to share to spread the word.

Diving deeper into your investments

Across the firm, we are seeing clients turn to us for advice on how they can finance the transition to a lower-carbon economy, support sustainable finance and better tackle twenty-first century risks.

That's why we've put together goal-specific insights from across our business divisions; Global Wealth Management, Asset Management and Investment Banking, to help you answer the question – Do your investments match your values?

Insights from UBS Global Wealth Management

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