Time to get critical

The planet has all we need to sustain ourselves, but that doesn't mean we can be greedy. We need to take a critical look at our consumption and production practices and figure out how to do more and do better with less. Explore Sustainable Development Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production.

#TOGETHERBAND tackles this goal

With Women Working Worldwide

What they do: Provide leadership, training and policy development around issues such as maternity rights, sexual harassment, living wage and environmental protection in the garment and horticultural sectors in East Africa and South Asia.

Their aim: To recognise and support women workers as well as protecting and enhancing our environmental resources.

With Shivia

What they do: Provide tools, education and training to allow people to start market-driven enterprises that will work them out of poverty.

Their aim: To empower the poorest to create livelihoods, boost income and inspire permanent change in West Bengal, India.

With City Harvest

What they do: Source food from donors including food manufacturers, retailers and restaurants and redistribute it to the homeless, veterans, youth, victims of alcohol and drug abuse, mentally and physically disabled, and families needing support.

Their aim: To eliminate food poverty and food waste in London.

#TOGETHERBAND supports these charities and organisations by raising awareness around what they do, as well as funding through band sales.

See who's passionate about this goal

Rosario Dawson

Actress and co-founder of Studio 189, #TOGETHERBAND ambassador for Goal 12

Paul Polman

Former Unilever CEO and founder of IMAGINE, #TOGETHERBAND expert for Goal 12

Show your passion too with #TOGETHERBAND

17 Goals, 17 bands. This one represents SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production. When you buy a pack you receive two identical bands - One to wear as a symbol of support, one to share to spread the word.

Creating a clearer conscience with every investment

Across the firm, we are seeing clients turn to us for advice on how they can finance the transition to a lower-carbon economy, support sustainable finance and better tackle twenty-first century risks.

That's why we've put together goal-specific insights from across our business divisions; Global Wealth Management, Asset Management and Investment Banking, to help you answer the question – Do your investments match your values?

Insights from UBS Investment Bank

Insights from UBS Global Wealth Management

Agricultural yield

Calorie demand per person continues to increase, even in countries where food shortages are unknown.

Food revolution

With available resources and arable land dwindling, farmers are facing a predicament. Technology holds the key, and investment opportunities are opening up as a result.

Water scarcity

As the world's population rises, increasing strain is being placed on the planet's limited natural resources.

Waste management and recycling

Low waste treatment rates in emerging markets offer big catch-up potential that could lead to extraordinary growth rates.

Hong Kong soup

Drawing attention to a crisis, and stunning the art world

Invest for a clean planet

How to fight pollution and waste

Did you know? From UBS Asset Management

Turning waste into opportunities

Valuable scrap from waste products is becoming increasingly important. Saubermacher aims to create a cycle that leads to absolutely no waste material being left over at all. more

The UBS Global Visionaries tackling this goal

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