Examples 2019

Stiftung Wetterbaum, Frauenfeld

As a social enterprise, Stiftung Wetterbaum offers business-related roles for people receiving social benefits, people with a refugee background and people undergoing a DI integration measure or receiving a DI pension. The assistance on offer includes guidance from adult education experts, an application workshop and support learning German. To supplement its existing offering, the Stiftung Wetterbaum opened a charity shop in Weinfelden in September 2018. This has created additional labour integration places for people with a low level of qualifications and people with a refugee or migrant background. A garden show is planned to expand the charity shop further and enable it to offer a wider range of products.

The UBS Foundation for Social Issues and Education supports the creation of the garden exhibition in the Weinfelden second-hand shop with CHF 20 000.

Solodaris Stiftung, Solothurn

The Solodaris Stiftung is committed to the professional and social integration of people living with mental health issues in the canton of Solothurn. All told, it provides 250 residential places and 122 sheltered jobs for 260 employees with mental health issues. By acquiring a professional drying facility, the foundation is expanding the manufacturing range at the Solodaris plant nursery, enabling products like dried fruit, vegetables and herbs to be produced in-house. The goal is to create additional jobs and year-round positions, while integrating employees into manufacture, processing and sales in a meaningful way.

The UBS Foundation for Social Issues and Education is supporting the procurement and commissioning of the drying equipment with a contribution of CHF 25 000.

Fondation Petitmaître, Yverdon-les-Bains

The Fondation Petitmaître aims to support and promote the social and professional integration of children, young people and young adults who have serious issues at home, socially and/or at school. One of its primary offerings is the operation of the «Cuisine Du Parc» production kitchen, which provides apprenticeship and work training places. The foundation is expanding its services and is opening an additional production kitchen and a cafeteria-restaurant at its new Treycovagnes site. This creates more work integration places for teenagers and young people with a need for enhanced support and the cafeteria is now also offering a lunch service for external customers.

The UBS Foundation for Social Issues and Education is supporting the creation of the cafeteria-restaurant with a grant of CHF 30 000.

Apfelschule, Halten, Solothurn

The Apfelschule association offers courses for people with visual impairments, teaching them how to use smartphones and tablets. In the training sessions, they learn how to successfully use mobile devices, giving them access to emails, texts, calendars, online timetables, and so on. Overcoming the barriers of their disability, people with visual impairments are given a digital connection to society. The training is offered as day, evening or block events as required and is held at various sites across Switzerland. It takes various forms, including informational, basic, advanced and thematic courses. In line with the peer-to-peer concept, adult education experts with visual impairments train blind and visually impaired people. In turn, this strengthens the impact of the courses and substantially increases their benefit for users.

The UBS Foundation for Social Issues and Education is supporting the execution of the courses with a contribution of CHF 20 000.