Meral Kureyshi

Work Grant «Fünf Jahreszeiten»

Meral Kureyshi was born in Prizren, in Kosovo, where her family belonged to the Turkish-speaking minority. She came to Switzerland with her family in 1992 and has lived in Berne ever since. After completing her studies at the Swiss Literature Institute, she founded the Lyrikatelier in Berne. Her debut novel Elefanten im Garten [English title: Elephants in the Garden] was published in 2015 by Limmat Verlag and has been translated into several languages. The book made the shortlist of the Swiss Book Prize and won the literature prize of the Canton of Berne. Furthermore, the author has received multiple grants and positions as writer in residence.

«Fünf Jahreszeiten» (Five Seasons) is a novel about the most important things in life: friendship, love, work. The protagonist works as an attendant in an art museum. Her best friend and roommate, Nina, provides some stability for her. So do conversations with old Paul, whom she encounters frequently in the city. He has seen a lot and understands a lot. At the same time, she dreads suffering his fate: loneliness. When Nina moves out of their shared apartment, she falls into a precarious state of uncertainty. Nor does love last. The world lies to her that everything is fine, until it is clear that it isn't.

Fünf Jahreszeiten is about the life of a young woman looking for a place in the world between freedom and powerlessness, friendship and love. The Foundation Board supports Meral Kureyshi's work on the novel with a promotion grant of CHF 15,000.