Hugofilm Productions

Documentary «Immer und Ewig» by Fanny Bräuning

«Immer und Ewig» is a documentary love story and road movie about director Fanny Bräunings's parents. It is about the unflagging devotion of her father to her mother, stricken many years ago with multiple sclerosis. The couple travels through the world in a converted camper van. Niggi – a restless former sailor, photographer, and inventor – is at the wheel. Next to him is his wife Annette, a former graphic artist, paralyzed from the neck down for the last twenty years and completely dependent on her husband's help. It would never occur to Niggi to place her in a home.

For him, Annette is by no means severely handicapped; but, rather, she is the love of his life, and he undertakes everything to keep her will to live alive. The filmmaker accompanies her parents from Basel through southern Europe and delves into their story little by little.

Fanny Bräuning, born in Basel in 1975, studied film and video at Zurich University of the Arts. Since then she has worked as an independent director and producer. In 2004 she founded the Distant Lights Filmproduktion GmbH with Kaspar Kasics. In 2008 she won the Swiss, the Basel, and the Zurich film prizes, as well as the jury prize of the Solothurn Film Festival, for her first film No More Smoke Signals.

Hugofilm Productions was established in Zurich in 1999 and has become an important Swiss production house.

The Foundation Board awards a project grant of CHF 25,000 for the production of the documentary The Journey – A Story of Love.