Examples 2018

The UBS Culture Foundation supports artists and cultural projects displaying a broad variety in terms of content and form, aims and target groups, as well as time frame and financial range. This is not the place for a comprehensive description of the Foundation Board's diverse activities, but in order to give the reader an impression of the UBS Culture Foundation's funding practice we list here a selection of art and culture projects that the Foundation has supported in recent years. Unless otherwise noted the project descriptions have been taken from the grant proposals and thus reflect the level of information at the time when the application was processed.

Visual arts: Monica Ursina Jäger – Visual Artist

Burning questions of our times are at the center of Monica Ursina Jäger's work. In her drawings, collages, and installations, the artist engages intensively with the natural and constructed environment.

Heritage Conservation & Archaeology: Raron Parish – Project Grant Restoration Castle Church Saint Romanus

After the river Bietsch flooded its banks twice in the fifteenth century, the village church «auf dem Biel» [«on the Biel»] was so badly damaged that the inhabitants of Raron decided to rebuild the church on the castle hill to protect it from future flooding.

Film: Hugofilm Productions – Documentary «Immer und Ewig» by Fanny Bräuning

The Journey – A Story of Love [original title: Immer und Ewig] is a documentary love story and road movie about director Fanny Bräunings's parents. It is about the unflagging devotion of her father to her mother, stricken many years ago with multiple sclerosis.

Literature: Meral Kureyshi ­– Work Grant «Fünf Jahreszeiten»

Meral Kureyshi was born in Prizren, in Kosovo, where her family belonged to the Turkish-speaking minority. She came to Switzerland with her family in 1992 and has lived in Berne ever since.

Music: EW-4 – Project Contribution «Lu ft str om»

In 2017, as EW-4, the ARTE Quartett –founded twenty years ago – plunged for the first time into the world of electronic music. At that time the four musicians exchanged their saxophones for electronic wind instruments and transferred their chamber music interaction to a new, purely electronic level.

Cultural Science & Humanities: Basel Museum of Ancient Art and Ludwig Collection – Project Contribution «Gladiator – die wahre Geschichte»

Gladiatorial combat is one of the best-known phenomena of the ancient world. Countless films and books have made the figure of the gladiator popular. For the most part they depict cruel contests in a sandy arena in front of a cheering crowd.