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Growing up healthy and living – a matter of course for most of us. But not everyone gets this chance. The Corona crisis has strenghtened this and is making us aware of it every day. Help protect what is vital for everyone around the world with your donation: health and education.

The UBS Optimus Foundation is committed to using carefully selected projects to improve the health and education systems worldwide.

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Give young people in Germany a fair chance to start a career

The corona crisis has exacerbated the situation for the young unemployed. JOBLINGE therefore offers young people the opportunity to integrate into the labour market through a digital programme and thus to reduce long-term unemployment. A 6-month program helps in 5 phases – reception, orientation, practice, testing and training.

Throughout the process, the young people are accompanied by a mentor, while the current corona situation also in digital form.

Thanks to JOBLINGE young people receive mentoring to improve their career prospects.

Give people in remote areas a better chance of health

Two examples from the COVID-19 Response Fund that bring essential health services to neglected areas.

Integrate Health or Last Mile Health are committed to providing broad sections of the population with access to high-quality basic healthcare. They save lives in the most neglected areas of the world by integrating professional community health workers.

These community health workers carry out educational activities or provide direct medical support to protect the population from a variety of diseases and to offer treatment.

A community health worker from Last Mile Health examines a newborn baby in Liberia.

Give pregnant women and children a greater chance of survival

The COVID-19 Response Fund also supports programs that use innovative tools to improve healthcare in areas lacking in resources.

It’s crucial to close urgent healthcare gaps all the more quickly in emergency situations. That’s why we also support projects that focus on innovative technical solutions, like providing pregnant women and nurses with digital aids to ensure that they have access to prompt, high-quality care. For example with our partner Jacaranda Health.

Or to make medical oxygen available at low cost – in countries where it is scarce. Thereby helping pregnant women in particular and reducing infant and children mortality rates. Like with the Hewatele program, for instance.

A nurse gives a mother real-time information on the health of her baby thanks to digital tools from Jacaranda Health.

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Every euro helps. Please donate to the UBS Optimus Foundation response fund. We will double* all donations received by 31.12.2020.

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