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Women on Purpose

Equal doesn’t mean identical

We believe that shaping a diverse, equitable and inclusive society is paramount. And women play a key role - in upholding communities, driving economic trends, and innovating for a better future for all. Having the right tools and trusted sources on your financial journey is crucial to developing a future plan that fits your needs exactly.

Join us this International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month as we look at what it means to own your worth. Find your best approach with our in-depth research, candid interviews, panel discussions and more.

In times of conflict, women (and children) are often the ones left to deal with the repercussions. Through the UBS Optimus Foundation, we have long supported women’s health and wellbeing. Today, that help is needed more than ever. For anyone wishing to support but unsure where to start, please visit our resource page where we’ve listed some trusted partners who are helping women now.

Values, money and the pursuit of more intentional lives

In the last few years, the world has changed in fundamental ways. Everyone has a point of view about those changes, but we can all agree it’s been a catalyst for reevaluation on every level. We discovered, for women especially, it has stirred a desire to focus on a greater sense of purpose. Here’s how. 

Women and Investing: Reimagining wealth advice 

Women’s wealth is growing, and there is a trend towards women wanting and taking control of their finances. But the current advisory process experienced by women often does not meet their needs. How can wealth managers reimagine their advisory process, and what are the key ingredients to help women achieve their goals? Explore our view on how wealth managers need to reimagine their value proposition to deliver the experience and wealth advice that women are asking for. 

Our latest insights

Women are making deliberate choices to achieve their purpose


9 in 10 

believe money is a tool to effect change

This is reflected in their current actions, as a large majority of women have been involved in both charitable giving and volunteering over the past year. They are also using their purchasing power and career choices to make an impact.

  • 0%

    Donate time and money in the last year

  • 0%

    Made a purchase that aligns with their values

  • 0%

    Chose a career aligned with their values

Our approach

People sit at the heart of our sustainability strategy. Diversity, equity and inclusion are embedded in our culture and we make efforts to build an organization with a fully inclusive working environment which offers opportunities for all.

We focus on driving inclusive growth, raising awareness around gender, race, ethnicity, LGBTQ+, age, disability, and mental health, among other aspects.

Shaping a diverse, equitable and inclusive society. Addressing inequality through our focus on health and education.

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