Investing in nature

Alejandro Litovsky, Founder and CEO of Earth Security

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"There is an urgency for investors to support the planet’s regeneration. Now is the time to invest in nature-based solutions."

  • The unprecedented loss of nature is being felt worldwide. Without healthy oceans, forests and biodiversity humanity cannot continue to prosper. Yet we allocate surprisingly few financial resources to their protection. The finance sector faces the challenge, and the opportunity, to work out how to invest in nature-based solutions to advance the transition to net-zero and the sustainable development goals.
  • Alejandro Litovsky founded Earth Security in 2011 to support how companies, investors and governments undertake this challenge, designing new investment products and intelligent ways to invest in nature.
  • Earth Security’s trailblazing work on global ecosystems such as mangroves and cloud forests is creating new pathways to finance the protection and restoration of natural assets on a global scale. This brings together public and private financial institutions to improve their cooperation around blended forms of finance.
  • Alejandro has led the design of innovative approaches to nature investments and the SDGs with financial institutions such as UBS, HSBC, and British International Investment (BII), companies such as Mitsubishi Corporation, CHANEL, Diageo and Equinor, and government agencies such as the Swiss Development Cooperation, the UK Prosperity Fund and Germany's International Climate Fund.
  • Actively involved in the environmental movement for the past 25 years, he worked with Greenpeace in 1998 at the start of the UN Climate Convention (COP2). In 2004 he received the London School of Economics’ (LSE) Hobhouse Memorial Prize for highest academic achievement during his MSc in Political Sociology, exploring how the use of satellite deforestation data could improve corporate regulation. In 2012 he was awarded the BMW Foundation Global Leaders Award.

Earth Security works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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