We’ve been working on a picture concept for all the SII communication that is happening across the bank. The concept is in line with our general picture style but ads a special perspective (magnitude in micro and macro) and covers specific topics (mainly ESG). We aim to make a real difference – also visually.

Get the full style guide here (PDF in column on the right):

We’ve uploaded several SII pictures to the Image Database, free for you to use. You can find them easily through the subfolder “Sustainable and impact investing” in the Pictures section of the themes tree (left hand navigation). We won’t stop here – the SII activities are growing, so is the concept and picture selection.

Oh, and there is more: new images from Hong Kong, New York, London, (a bit of Zurich) and Oman. As well as pictures from our offices in Pune and Mumbai together with some culture and city views - in case you haven’t seen them yet (they’ve been online for a while already).