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UBS second quarter pre-tax profit of CHF 2,614 million

Zurich / Basel Quarterly Results

A good performance in volatile markets

  • Net profit attributable to UBS shareholders of CHF 2,005 million

  • Diluted EPS of CHF 0.52

  • Annualized return on equity of 19.5% in the first half of 2010

CHF 1.3 billion pre-tax profit from the Investment Bank, up 10% on first quarter 2010

  • Equities revenues of CHF 1,365 million, up 9% on the first quarter

  • Foreign exchange revenues up significantly on the first quarter

  • Fixed income, currencies and commodities generated CHF 1,703 million of revenues

Wealth Management & Swiss Bank profits resilient and in line with the first quarter

  • Pre-tax profit of CHF 1,131 million

  • Margin improved in Wealth Management with annualized gross margin up 2 bps to 95 bps

Strong capital ratios; focus on risks and costs

  • Quarter-end BIS tier 1 capital ratio was 16.4% compared with 16.0% on 31 March 2010; core tier 1 capital ratio increased to 13.0% from 12.5% over the same time frame

  • Group cost / income ratio of 71.2% in the second quarter, underlying cost base remained broadly stable

  • Risk-weighted assets down by CHF 4 billion to CHF 205 billion on 30 June 2010; FINMA leverage ratio unchanged at 4.1% compared with first quarter 2010

Following Swiss parliamentary approval of the US-Swiss Government Agreement, UBS expects to achieve a comprehensive resolution of all outstanding matters with the US government related to the US cross-border business by October 2010.

Commenting on UBS's second quarter 2010 results, Group CEO Oswald J. Grübel said: "This was a good result in volatile market conditions, and demonstrates the progress we are making as we move towards our mid-term targets. Our Investment Bank has improved its competitive positioning, and profits in Wealth Management & Swiss Bank are stable. Our portfolio of businesses is increasingly able to generate competitive returns in a variety of market conditions, and our risk management framework has proven robust. I remain confident in our future and I firmly believe that we have the right strategy in place."

Second quarter 2010 net profit of CHF 2,005 million

UBS reports a second quarter net profit attributable to UBS shareholders of CHF 2,005 million compared with CHF 2,202 million in first quarter 2010.

Wealth Management & Swiss Bank's pre-tax profit of CHF 1,131 million in the second quarter was broadly stable compared with CHF 1,161 million in the first quarter. Wealth Management's pre-tax profit of CHF 658 million was 5% lower than in the first quarter, reflecting broadly stable revenues and slightly higher operating expenses. The gross margin increased to 95 basis points per annum, up 2 basis points from the first quarter. The invested asset base declined 2% quarter-on-quarter in average terms, mostly reflecting the effects of lower market values. Expenses increased 2%, partly due to the UK Bank Payroll Tax as well as the full effect of annual salary increases. Retail & Corporate's pre-tax result was CHF 473 million, up 2% on the first quarter. Increased credit-related fee income more than offset lower brokerage and sales commissions. Costs continued to be tightly managed and the cost / income ratio for Retail & Corporate remained stable at 52.1%.

Wealth Management Americas recorded a pre-tax loss of CHF 67 million compared with a pre-tax profit of CHF 15 million in the first quarter. However, excluding restructuring charges of CHF 146 million principally related to a rationalization of the property portfolio, the pre-tax profit improved to CHF 79 million compared with CHF 36 million in the first quarter, primarily due to higher fee income and transactional revenues.

Global Asset Management's pre-tax profit was CHF 117 million in the second quarter compared with CHF 137 million in the first quarter. Revenues were stable with higher management fees offsetting declining performance fees in a volatile market. Costs increased 5%, in part due to higher charges from the amortization of compensation awards related to the prior year.

The Investment Bank recorded a pre-tax profit of CHF 1,314 million compared with CHF 1,190 million in the first quarter. Equities revenues were up 9% compared with the first quarter at CHF 1,365 million, demonstrating the strength of our largest flow business in unstable markets. Revenues in the fixed income, currencies and commodities trading business declined to CHF 1,703 million due to defensive positioning of the books in the quarter and lower client activity, with declines in credit and emerging markets offsetting gains in our foreign exchange business, which benefited from higher market volatility and stronger client flows. Revenues for the investment banking department decreased to CHF 478 million in the context of a contraction of the global investment banking fee pool compared with the first quarter. The Investment Bank's revenues include a CHF 595 million own credit gain on financial liabilities designated at fair value. Costs were CHF 2,788 million, up 3% on the previous quarter, but included a CHF 228 million charge relating to the UK Bank Payroll Tax. Excluding this tax, costs fell on reduced accruals for variable compensation.

Treasury activities and other corporate items generated a pre-tax profit of CHF 119 million in the second quarter compared with CHF 306 million in the first quarter.

Net profit attributable to minority interests of CHF 298 million includes the recognition of a dividend obligation for preferred securities in second quarter 2010, compared with CHF 6 million in first quarter 2010.

Second quarter 2010 results include a tax charge of CHF 311 million compared with CHF 603 million in the previous quarter.

Business division performance: 2Q10 vs 1Q10

Net new money and invested assets

Wealth Management – Net new money outflows reduced further to CHF 5.2 billion in second quarter 2010 from CHF 8.0 billion in the prior quarter, with continued net inflows in the Asia Pacific region, from ultra high net worth clients and in certain European locations. Overall, net new money in Europe remained slightly negative but net outflows decreased again compared with the prior quarter.

Retail & Corporate – Net new money outflows were CHF 0.3 billion in second quarter 2010 compared with CHF 0.2 billion in first quarter 2010.

Wealth Management Americas – Net new money outflows were CHF 2.6 billion in second quarter 2010 compared with CHF 7.2 billion in first quarter 2010. Including interest and dividends, as is consistent with US market practice, the division recorded net new money inflows of CHF 2.0 billion. For the second quarter in succession, net new money was generated by financial advisors employed with UBS for more than one year.

Global Asset Management – In the second quarter, the business division recorded positive net new money of CHF 3.4 billion compared with net outflows of CHF 2.6 billion in the prior quarter. Net inflows from third parties of CHF 10.9 billion were partially offset by net outflows of CHF 7.5 billion from clients of UBS's wealth management businesses. Excluding money market flows, net new money inflows were CHF 6.2 billion compared with net outflows of CHF 1.6 billion in first quarter 2010.

Invested assets were CHF 2,180 billion on 30 June 2010 compared with CHF 2,267 billion on 31 March 2010. This decrease was mainly due to negative market movements. Of the invested assets, CHF 917 billion were attributable to Wealth Management & Swiss Bank (CHF 786 billion thereof attributable to Wealth Management and CHF 131 billion attributable to Retail & Corporate); CHF 693 billion were attributable to Wealth Management Americas; and CHF 569 billion were attributable to Global Asset Management.

Capital base and balance sheet

UBS's risk management framework has proven to be robust in testing market conditions. In light of these conditions, UBS adopted a more cautious approach to risk-taking during the quarter. In the Investment Bank, the average trading risk decreased and the business division achieved further significant reductions in its residual risk positions.

Risk-weighted assets, at CHF 205 billion at the end of the second quarter, were down slightly as UBS continued to reduce the overall risk profile of the Group. While the balance sheet increased by 8% over the quarter, this mostly reflected higher replacement values for derivative instruments, which are highly sensitive to market volatility. BIS tier 1 capital ratio continued to increase and stood at 16.4% on 30 June 2010 compared with 16.0% at the end of the prior quarter. The FINMA leverage ratio was 4.1%, unchanged from the first quarter.


Concerns about the sustainability of the global economic recovery may leave markets volatile and with little direction. We believe that this could lead to more subdued client activity levels across our businesses. In addition, we expect that our portfolio management fee income will be lower than in the second quarter due to the lower level of invested assets at the end of June.
We are delivering on our strategy and expect to make further progress over the coming quarters. We are confident about our future.


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