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UBS launches a new exchange traded fund on the MSCI World Index®

Zurich / Basel Media Switzerland

UBS is expanding its offering of UBS Exchange Traded Funds (UBS ETFs) with the launch of UBS-ETF MSCI World® (securities no. 3 726 774). Effective immediately, units of UBS-ETF MSCI World® can be bought and sold on SWX Swiss Exchange in Zurich during normal trading hours. The fund currency is USD, trading currency is CHF.

The MSCI World® is a globally established equity index, which has been calculated by Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) since 31 December 1969. It covers equity markets from the 23 most important industrial nations, weighted by their market capitalisation, and serves as a benchmark for equity funds that invest globally. US stocks make up around 50% of the index, while together the European countries account for some 34%.

By investing in UBS-ETF MSCI World®, investors can now participate in the performance of the highly diverse global universe of equities that make up the MSCI World Index®.

With the launch of UBS-ETF MSCI World®, UBS is increasing its offering of ETFs with multiple listings to ten. Overall, around CHF 3 billion (as at 31 May 2008) has been invested in UBS ETFs with international listings on the leading stock exchanges since 2001.

New listings for UBS-ETF MSCI EMU®

Also effective immediately, UBS-ETF MSCI EMU® (securities no. 1 429 074), which is already listed in EUR on the Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt, will now be traded on SWX Swiss Exchange in Zurich (in EUR) and on SWX Europe Ltd. in London (in CHF). UBS-ETF MSCI EMU® is currently based on 332 stocks from countries from the European Monetary Union. The fund currency is EUR.

Technical data on UBS-ETF MSCI World

Fund name:


Fund domicile:


Portfolio management:

UBS Global Asset Management

Legal form:



MSCI World Index®

Accounting year ends:

31 December

Currency of account:


Trading currency:


Stock exchanges:

SWX Swiss Exchange, Zurich

Trading starts:

1 July 2008

Investment universe:

The most important stocks from 23 industrialised nations (over 1,900 stocks in all)


January, July

Management fee:

0.40% p.a.

Securities no.:

3 726 774





Investment fund account:


UBS Exchange Traded Funds combine the best features of investment funds and stocks. Investors can purchase units in an investment fund that replicates the composition of an index. Units are listed on one or more stock exchanges and can be traded like stocks during normal trading hours. In addition to these advantages, ETFs offer complete investor protection as is standard for investment funds approved for public distribution.

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