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UBS launches a fund with 130/30 strategy: UBS Key Selection US Equities 130/30

Zurich / Basel Media Switzerland

Private investors gain access to novel investment concept

UBS is offering a new fund based on an investment concept incorporating a 130/30 strategy: UBS (Lux) Key Selection Sicav - US Equities 130/30 B.

Up to now, fund products with a 130/30 strategy have mostly been the preserve of institutional investors. With this new fund private investors can gain access to this strategy as well. It differs from other equity funds, which only invest in long positions, by taking advantage of additional sources of outperformance through a 130/30 strategy that entails 130% long positions and 30% short positions on average.

A long-only portfolio is invested in stocks which the portfolio manager sees as undervalued and avoids those which are thought to be overvalued. Relaxing this restriction allows UBS Key Selection US Equities 130/30 to generate returns from overvalued stocks, too, by taking up short positions. Thanks to this flexibility, the fund has more potential to outperform than long-only equity funds. Moreover, its risk level (i.e. volatility) is not substantially higher than the market average.

The UBS Key Selection US Equities 130/30 portfolio is broadly diversified in terms of both stocks and sectors and favours listed US large and mid caps. Its benchmark is the internationally-recognized MSCI USA (r).

The new fund presents investors with an attractive opportunity to gain exposure to the US equity market. It is suitable for private investors with a long-term investment horizon.


Fund characteristics

Fund name

UBS (Lux) Key Selection Sicav 2 - US Equities 130/30 B

Securities no./ISIN

3100073 / LU0300928990

Fund domicile


Portfolio management

UBS Global Asset Management (Americas) Inc., Chicago

Investment company

UBS (Lux) Key Selection Sicav 2



Launch date

27 June 2007

Currency of account


Accounting year ends

30. Sep



Withholding tax/tax at source

not affected

All-in fee

2.34% p.a.

Issuing commission


Next distribution

none; reinvested

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