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UBS launches "The Bank for Banks"

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UBS is pleased to offer its partner institutions "The Bank for Banks" - by providing an efficient, flexible, and modular way of outsourcing non-core elements of their business and operations, across the full range of banking business and product areas.

"Through 'The Bank for Banks', our clients can outsource selectively or comprehensively, freeing themselves to concentrate on key businesses or relationships, while UBS looks after the other elements," says Luqman Arnold, president of the UBS group executive board.

For financial institutions, recent years have posed an unprecedented challenge. The industry structure is changing, clients are more demanding, volumes are rising yet more volatile, and the pace of technological change is accelerating. At the same time, cost increases are outpacing value capture. "The Bank for Banks" helps to meet these challenges by putting the scale economies and capabilities of a leading global financial services group to work for client institutions and their clients.

In the foreign exchange (FX) business, for example, the partner institution can integrate its treasury risk management and back office systems, trading or other e-business applications with UBS's global FX infrastructure to achieve straight-through processing, 24-hour real-time access to liquidity, market and position risk reduction, and client margin protection. This offering can be combined with Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) Third-Party Services, just to mention two of the various modules within the cash/currency segment.

As a joint venture between UBS's three constituent business groups, "The Bank for Banks" harnesses the full resources of UBS Switzerland, including UBS Private Banking, UBS Warburg, and UBS Asset Management for partner institutions and their clients.

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Zurich / Basel, 17 October 2001