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UBS Bancomat

With your UBS customer card or your UBS ec/Maestro card and your personal code, you can withdraw Swiss franc notes from a UBS Bancomat. By selecting "other account", you can determine which account you want your withdrawal debited to.

At most locations, euros can be withdrawn from at least one UBS Bancomat.

In addition, you can call up the current balance and the last five account transactions on up to four accounts. You can also load up your UBS ec/Maestro card's CASH function.

UBS Bancomat Plus

With 'Plus', you can deposit Swiss franc or euro bank notes in your CHF or EUR account at any time of the day or night. Your deposit is credited and starts earning interest immediately.

Of course, UBS Bancomat Plus also provides all of the services which you know from UBS Bancomat.

UBS Multimat

Using your UBS customer card or UBS ec/Maestro card and your personal code, UBS Multimat links you directly to your accounts. You can get account information, such as the current balance or a statement with detailed information.

You can enter domestic or foreign payment orders and account transfers or manage your standing orders. Exchange rate and interest rate information is also available.