Location Finder Help

The Location Finder Application will help you, to find any UBS Location Worldwide.

Once you have found the branch near you or in the location you require, the UBS Location Finder will give you all the details you need to contact the branch. In other words, it will provide address details, location maps, telephone numbers, opening hours and any additional information available.

You can find a branch in several different ways:

  • Click on the map or make a selection from the list next to the map. A subsequent screen will offer you the option of further refining your search until you find the right branch.

  • Enter a word directly in the "Search" field, and the program will search for the appropriate branch in the database. For further explanation of the search function, click here.

  • When you have searched for a word with the search function, you will be shown a list of branches corresponding to your search criteria. If only one branch matches your criteria, the information relating to this branch will be displayed to you.

  • If you believe that the UBS Location Finder cannot provide you with the information you are looking for, you can find additional guidelines here.