Corporate events

We publish important corporate information on our website as a way of facilitating timely disclosure to our investors, analysts, clients and employees. Our UBS NewsAlert service, which you can sign up for via the following link, makes it easier for you to remain informed.

All information relating to dividends is shown on the 'Dividend payment' page in the "Share information" section.

UBS normally publishes its quarterly results in February, May, August and November. UBS's annual report is published in March. Information about publication dates is shown in our events calendar.

Information on UBS's annual general meetings (AGMs) is shown in our AGM section. AGM's are normally held in April in Switzerland (Zurich or Basel).

UBS fully subscribes to the equal treatment of all shareholders. To ensure equal access to information, all UBS materials will be distributed to shareholders at the same time. As well as letters to shareholders and material information related to corporate events already posted to all shareholders, UBS distributes important information both via press release, direct distribution to institutional investors and posting to its Analysts & Investors website. Owners of shares that are held in street name will receive the information through their broker or custodian.