Rates & Credit Trading

Efficient bond and US treasuries trading through UBS Bond Port and the rates execution toolkit.

However you want to trade rates and credit products electronically, UBS Neo connects you to a wealth of differentiated content, sales commentary and macro market insight from across global trading floors to help develop and refine your trade ideas. Turn your strategy into efficient execution through the rates execution toolkit for trading US treasuries and UBS Bond Port, a simple entry to connect to a liquidity network for buyers and sellers to find each other.

Key features and benefits

UBS Bond Port

  • Aggregated liquidity pool from across UBS Principal, major external venues, traditional dealers and alternative providers through a single tool.
  • Offering $31bn of executable liquidity daily1.
  • Firm pricing2 in over 35,000 securities1.
  • Global distribution with 2,500 clients1, in 65 countries, across 17 currencies using the platform.
  • Contribution is anonymous with an option for a segregated model where your data can, if you choose, sit safely behind an information barrier.
  • No fees when leaving firm liquidity, the price you quote is the price you trade at.
  • Also available through leading external platforms.

Rates Execution Toolkit

  • Available for On the Run US Treasuries 2yr-30yr outrights.
  • Live executable pricing sourced from multiple liquidity venues.
  • Alternative to request for quote/wait for response workflow.
  • Ability to leave resting orders for up to 90 days.
  • Passive order resting on the Smart Order Router automatically routes to liquidity source if stated target price is available.

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