UBS Equities Research Global breadth, predictive insight

Thought-leading, award-winning research bringing a truly collaborative global perspective to understanding regions, sectors and stocks:

Micro - independent assessments of more than 3,300 companies - some 85% of world market capitalization.

Macro - broad and deep economics, strategy, and quantitative research coverage.

Full access to our research products and services is available to clients via the UBS Investment Bank Client Portal. To request a login for the Client Portal please contact your UBS Investment Bank representative.

UBS Morning Expresso - your early morning wake-up call

A summary of everything you need to know for the day ahead in the financial markets. It includes published reports, key rating changes, anticipated catalyst events, and overnight market, FX and commodity movements. Morning Expressos are currently produced for Europe, the UK, the US, Asia, Japan and Emerging EMEA.

UBS Contextual Diary - a comprehensive preview of key catalysts

A guide to the most important company and macro events for the weeks ahead; a unique source of catalysts for stocks covered by UBS, to provide insight and edge ahead of results and other important events. It includes a schedule of UBS conferences and roadshows, and a list of recent initiations of coverage. We offer Contextual Diary editions covering Europe, the UK, the US, APAC, and Emerging EMEA.

Global Portfolio Manager's Spotlight - our best ideas of the week

A weekly digest structured around our top global and regional themes, highlighting the research of our economics, strategy, quant and credit analysts, and featuring the work of analysts from around the world. It also highlights our global "Idea of the Week".

UBS Global Bear - Sell ideas served up in a convenient format

Fortnightly round-up of bearish macro and sector views plus Sell recommendations from around the world. UBS Global Bear offers quick and easy access to key data - including trading statistics and detailed consensus numbers - and related research.

UBS Global I/O - timely, tactical read-throughs

Tactical research offering actionable cross-regional and cross-sector investment ideas. Focusing on timely and insightful read-throughs, the Global I/O™ initiative engages analysts in a collaborative effort to articulate clear investment calls (the output), highlighting proprietary/primary research, key data and precisely defined catalysts (the input).

Alpha+ Anti-consensus - our high conviction anti-consensus calls

A database (and accompanying report) that identifies where UBS differs from consensus or key consensus metrics (ratings, price targets, EPS, and revenue forecasts). It also presents the rationale for our view and explores catalysts for change. This premium product is available in regional editions, covering Europe, the US, Asia and Japan.

Compelling Analogy - insight from rigorously argued analogies

Research that articulates compelling investment ideas through the use of analogy. We gain insight into prospective performance by analyzing stocks and sectors in the context of other stocks, sectors, regions or time frames.

Q-Series® - premium research addressing pivotal questions

Proprietary reports that seek to aggressively anticipate and answer pivotal investment questions surrounding sectors and stocks, to help drive better investment recommendations. Analysts are required to use primary research and demonstrate incremental value-added analysis, with proposed reports reviewed by a panel of peers. Q-Series® research leverages the global resources of UBS, to form a strong partnership with clients.

Global Analyzer - data-driven sector overviews

The definitive industry, sector or regional overview. With their easy-to-use, distinctive landscape format, Global Analyzers are a must-read, providing macro overviews, absolute and relative valuation and performance measures, and key data and insight.

UBS PAS - analyzing equity portfolio risk

The UBS Portfolio Analysis System (UBS PAS) analyzes long-only and 130/30-style equity portfolios, to provide you with a greater understanding of your portfolio's risks against a chosen benchmark. It can also analyze long-short portfolios against a benchmark of cash. An optimizer, provided as part of the system, can be used to build portfolios and create hedges. Providing a broad-based approach to risk, PAS makes the investment process more transparent and easier to control.

UBS VCAM - a robust intrinsic valuation tool

The UBS Value Creation Analysis Model (VCAM) is an analytical tool that facilitates detailed company intrinsic valuation analysis. Included is a full-featured analytics package that helps test assumptions for company value creation. Global in scope, VCAM enables an investor to be up and running in minutes with a robust intrinsic valuation model, usable to evaluate thousands of companies.