Technology UBS Evidence Lab inside: Will surging demand for PCs continue into H220?

We expect leading companies to maintain their competitive advantage while scale & PC-related services become even more important after COVID-19. Demand driven by working from home & remote studying should linger for one to two quarters.

23 Jul 2020

Consumer survey shows increasing purchase intentions

Source: UBS Evidence Lab (>Access Dataset)

This column chart illustrates purchase intentions in February & Jun overall, in
the US and in China.

UBS Evidence Lab's PC consumer survey shows mixed results

Amid investor debates about PC demand in H220, UBS Evidence Lab completed the latest wave of its proprietary global PC consumer survey in June (more than 1,500 PC owners in the US and China), providing a unique angle with which to analyse the PC industry. We believe the results are well-timed to help investors gauge consumer PC demand after COVID-19 via a comparison with February's results. In addition, it helps investors identify potential share gainers and beneficiaries of key components. Although the results show increasing intentions to purchase (55% of respondents want to buy a PC over the next six months versus 51% in February), it implies there could already be some early pull-in demand in H120. Demand driven by working from home and remote studying should linger for one to two quarters.

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