11th UBS Auto Repair Shop Survey

Thank you for your participation in the UBS Auto Repair Shop survey. We estimate it should take only a few minutes to answer the following 9 questions.

QUESTION 1: Over the last 3 months, how has the volume of your business compared to the same time last year?

QUESTION 2: Over the last 3 months, how has the weather impacted your business?

QUESTION 3: Over the last 3 months, what is the average age of the cars you serviced?

QUESTION 4: How often do you purchase parts from the following suppliers?






QUESTION 5: On a scale of 1-5 (1 the best, 5 the worst), how would you rank:







QUESTION 6: What % of your business goes to your:

Top Supplier

What % of your business goes to your Top-Supplier

2nd Supplier

What % of your business goes to your 2nd-Supplier

3rd Supplier

What % of your business goes to your 3rd-Supplier

QUESTION 7: Do you also use Amazon as a supplier?

QUESTION 8: Over the last 3 months, have you increased/decreased your use of a particular supplier? If so, why?

QUESTION 9: Survey Results & Research

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