Specialized areas

Since 2014, UBS Evidence Lab has built proprietary processes to harvest, cleanse and connect billions of data items each month. Data factories, situated globally, manage the enrichment and normalization of enormous amounts of data for use by the following specialized areas.


Navigating a globally connected world can be tricky without a comprehensive understanding of the relationships that exist between spatial objects. That's where the advanced statistical and spatial-based modeling techniques utilized by the UBS Evidence Lab Geospatial practice area come in. Combining these methods with climate, topological, geodetic, market quality, cartographic, bathymetric, hydrological, economic, network, numerical and pattern-based data, Geospatial experts unearth relationships that may impact companies and their markets.


Competition & Market Quality
Local Market Economics
Network Analysis
Remote Sensing
Network Traffic
Spatial Statistics


The UBS Evidence Lab Incubator develops innovative new data assets and analysis to ensure Evidence Lab stays at the forefront of investment debates. Help shape Evidence Lab's R&D pipeline by sending in your idea for a new or interesting data set to us. The Incubator team would like to hear from you!

Price Intelligence

Tracking pricing behaviour and sales performance is a valuable means of assessing brand positioning, company decision-making, market share, and more. It's this knowledge that drives the UBS Evidence Lab Price Intelligence practice area's multi-faceted approach to collecting and analyzing pricing data. They provide insights into everything from bundle pricing to financial rates monitoring and from revenue-yield management to secondary market pricing.


Category Replenishment
Merchandise Planning
Revenue-Yield Management
Bundle Pricing
Secondary Market Pricing
Financial Rate Monitors

Market Research

The UBS Evidence Lab Market Research team innovates established methodologies like consumer surveys, focus groups, and interviews by making use of leading available techniques. They deliver in-depth data on global consumers, customers, and corporates.


Focus Groups
In-depth Interviews

Social & Inventory

Companies have to contend with the impact of new technologies in the digital era. The UBS Evidence Lab Social & Inventory experts employ advanced techniques to track and analyse mobile app downloads, customer/employee satisfaction data, online searches, and social media interactions. They also gather evidence related to formulary, hiring, and inventory analytics, which incorporates sophisticated web-scraping methodologies.


App Analytics
Product Reviews
Business Reviews
Employee Sentiment
Search Analytics
Inventory Analytics
Social Media Analytics
Formulary Analytics
Hiring Analytics

Data Science

The sheer volume of data at our fingertips has never been greater, but how do we draw meaningful conclusions from the information available to us? For UBS Evidence Lab Data Science specialists, the solution is to draw upon sophisticated tools and techniques, including game theory, graph analysis, machine learning & AI, and natural language analysis to identify patterns, predict potential actions and outcomes, visualise relationships, and quantify signals.


Advanced Survey Analytics
Statistical Analysis & Machine Learning
Natural Language Analytics
Graph Analytics
Time Series Forecasting & Near Casting
Game Theory Analytics


Utilizing real-time big data, the UBS Evidence Lab Nowcasting practice area's cutting-edge models are able to forecast indicators of economic activity unconstrained by the publication schedule of official statistical sources. This encompasses everything from macroeconomic activity in the US and China to the revenues of individual companies across a variety of sectors globally, ensuring that investors have timely access to these important data signals.


Macro Nowcasting
Macro to Micro Nowcasting

Behavioral Finance

The UBS Market Thinking Game challenges investors to predict what other investors are thinking in order to simulate the real-world market. This process helps identify what investors consider to be the most important issues and overall sentiments related to stocks, market indices, and asset classes.


What technologies are involved in the manufacturing of a product? How do the manufacturing costs involved compare to those of competitors? Who are the suppliers involved with the manufacturing process? These are the types of questions that UBS Evidence Lab Teardown experts seek to answer by tearing down physical objects in order to reverse engineer all of the key aspects underpinning their production.


Innovation can play a key role in helping investors assess for themselves the strategy and performance of different companies within the same sector or region. UBS Evidence Lab Patent experts examine patent applications and grants across categories and technologies from 18 major patent offices around the globe. They have access to over 50 million records, which investors can use to identify leaders, challengers, and competitors.