Business activity Which parts of the US are opening up the most?

UBS Evidence Lab looks at data on local business activity (including dining at restaurants, number of hourly workers, and locations open) to gauge which states and cities may be getting back to business as usual.

28 May 2020
  • In terms of dining at restaurants and traffic congestion vs. last year, Arizona, Florida, and Texas are among the states that have opened up the most.
  • California, Massachusetts, and New York have seen little reopening, with dining out still close to zero.
  • The number of hourly workers on payroll (relative to before the pandemic) varies widely across different cities.
  • The number is low in New York and Chicago; it is much higher in Atlanta and Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Western states including North Dakota and Montana have the highest number of business locations open.
  • New York and Massachusetts have the fewest number of locations open; Illinois, Pennsylvania, and California are near the bottom.

Dining-Out Index vs. Relative Traffic Congestion in US States (as of 24-May-20)

Source: UBS Evidence Lab, OpenTable, TomTom

Hourly Workers Index in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Jacksonville

Source: UBS Evidence Lab, Homebase at

Locations Open Index: Top and Bottom 10 (as of 24-May-20)

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