Multi-sector How do visitor numbers to Shanghai Disneyland compare with pre-COVID-19?

Shanghai Disneyland reopened on May 11 after being closed for three months. Visitor numbers are limited to 30% of the park's capacity of 80k.

01 Jun 2020
  • We look at wait times at attractions as a proxy for foot traffic.
  • We also look at auto traffic congestion as an indicator of overall economic activity in cities where Disney parks are located.
  • Wait times are relatively flat year-over-year.
  • UBS Evidence Lab data suggests that a number of attractions remain closed, with ~30% not providing wait times in the first two weeks after opening.
  • We also monitor Disney parks in California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris, and Hong Kong, along with other brands including SeaWorld, Six Flags, and Universal Studios.
  • Auto traffic congestion in Shanghai is almost 75% of last year's level, with Hong Kong not far behind.
  • Auto traffic in Orlando has fallen but may have reached an inflection point, while in Paris it has levelled off after a sharp recovery since mid-May.

Average Wait Times at Shanghai Disneyland and Change y/y

Source: UBS Evidence Lab

Wait Times at Shanghai Disneyland by Attraction – Change y/y (Week of 11-May-20)

Source: UBS Evidence Lab

Traffic Congestion in Cities with Disney Parks as a Percentage of 2019 Levels

Source: UBS Evidence Lab, TomTom