Multi-sector How does state-by-state reopening compare with COVID-19 cases?

UBS Evidence Lab gauges the level of reopening in different states via measures such as number of hours worked and business locations open.

26 Jun 2020
  • Using these measures, we examined the states that have recently reported the largest increases in cases – including Arizona, Texas, Florida, and California – and the largest declines in cases, including Maryland, Louisiana, Alabama, and Connecticut.
  • In the states that reported the largest week-on-week increase in cases, hours worked have begun to decline.
  • All these states except California have also seen a notable decrease in locations open.
  • The picture is mixed for the states that have reported the largest declines in cases: the number of locations open has risen significantly in Connecticut and Maryland but fallen in Louisiana and Alabama.

Hours Worked Index in Arizona, Texas, Florida, and California

Source: UBS Evidence Lab, Homebase at

All Locations: Locations Open Index w/w Change vs. Daily Cases w/w Change (as of 24-Jun-20)

Source: UBS Evidence Lab, Johns Hopkins University, Homebase at