Multi-sector How worried are US consumers about losing jobs or income?

Every quarter, UBS Evidence Lab surveys over 2,000 US consumers about their housing intentions. The latest survey, conducted in March, saw an increase in concern over jobs and income relative to the December 2019 survey.

13 Apr 2020
  • The share of people who said they were worried about losing their job or earning less rose to 45%, the highest ever in the study, from 37% in December.     
  • Concern over jobs and income increased across all demographic groups, but especially among younger and higher-income respondents.
  • The Midwest saw the largest increase in concern, while the South saw the smallest.

Share of consumers concerned about losing job/earning less in next 6 months

Source: UBS Evidence Lab

Share concerned about losing job/earning less by age, income, and region

Source: UBS Evidence Lab