Technology How much time are people spending on workplace solution apps?

Chinese employees have been getting back to work gradually since late February, but time spent on working-from-home apps has continued to increase.

21 Apr 2020
  • Time spent on working-from-home apps (as a share of total app usage) in late March was more than 8x the level in early February.
  • Share of time spent continued rising in March, from 1.5% in the first week to 2.6% in the third week, suggesting a high need for remote working.
  • DingTalk, owned by Alibaba, has outperformed other leading workplace solution apps in terms of daily average users (DAU). Its share of DAU increased from 4% in January to 19% in late March, which means 1 out of 5 daily active app users in China is now using DingTalk.

Time Spent on Workplace Solution Apps as a Share of Total App Usage

Source: UBS Evidence Lab, QuestMobile

Share of Daily Active Users Relative to All Mobile Apps in China

Source: UBS Evidence Lab, QuestMobile