Multi-sector How has the Coronavirus impacted regional end-markets in Q1?

Covid-19 started to impact different parts of the world at different times in Q1. By tracking 1000s of global macro indicators and industry data, Nowcasting provides a snapshot of how economic conditions are trending in various end-markets.

08 Apr 2020

Trends in North America are mixed, with 32 end-markets observing a deterioration in trends compared to February and 13 seeing an improvement.

  • The end-markets with more positive trends include consumer staples such as beverages, meat products, and food retail (i.e., groceries).
  • Among those with more negative trends are discretionary segments such as repair and remodeling, furniture, personal care, and food consumption (i.e., dining out).

Asian end-markets are also seeing mixed trends relative to February, with negative trends in 23 end-markets and positive trends in 22.

  • The end-markets observing more positive trends include electrical equipment and power generating equipment.


Z-Score: Q1 change in y/y growth vs. Q4

Source: UBS Evidence Lab