Consumer Which food delivery platforms are growing the fastest?

UBS Evidence Lab looks at the number of restaurants on various food delivery platforms to gauge the supply side of the industry.

26 Jun 2020
  • We also look at the popularity of these platforms' apps to get a read on the demand side. Finally, we leverage a survey of 5-10K people per week to assess consumer attitudes and behavior.
  • US food delivery apps have been adding restaurants to their platforms. The number on GrubHub has increased 133% so far this year after rising 51% last year. DoorDash's count is up 30% this year vs. 78% last year. Postmates' and Uber Eats' growth rates have been steadier.
  • Over the past 2 years, DoorDash has had the largest increase in share of app downloads, from 21% in June 2018 to 41% in June 2020.
  • Uber Eats was the leader in June 2018, with 37%, but it has now fallen to 19%.
  • GrubHub has gained about 4 percentage points (ppt) of share, while Postmates is relatively flat.
  • COVID-19 led many people to order online rather than dine out. In mid-April, only 16% of consumers surveyed said they were comfortable eating at a restaurant.
  • Now, as the country reopens, that share has risen to 36%.
  • In terms of online behavior overall, 38% of consumers say they are now shopping online more than they typically would, up from 28% in early April.
  • In the latest wave of the survey, the share shopping online "somewhat more" rose 2ppt, while the share doing so "much more" fell 2ppt.

Restaurant Count on US Food Delivery Apps: Y/Y Growth (2020 as of May 31)

Source: UBS Evidence Lab

Share Of App Downloads: Leading Restaurant Delivery Aggregator Services in US

Source: UBS Evidence Lab, Sensor Tower

How soon from now would you be comfortable going out to eat at restaurants?

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Are you shopping online (not including for groceries) more or less than you typically would this time of year?

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