China Are students in China continuing to use education apps as they return to school?

Data on education apps provides a look at remote-learning during the outbreak.

28 May 2020
  • Time spent on education apps increased significantly in February-March.
  • In late March, it reached as high as 4x the level during the autumn semester before falling in April.
  • The download ranking of top education apps saw a similar trend, with an increase in February-March followed by a slight decline in April.
  • The inflection point in early April coincided with the time when students started to go back to school.

Share of Time Spent Relative to All Apps in China (Indexed to 1-Sep-19)

Source: UBS Evidence Lab

Average Download Ranking of Top 4 Education Apps (Indexed to Sep-2019)

Source: UBS Evidence Lab, QuestMobile, Sensor Tower