TMT Are Chinese employees still using workplace solution apps?

Workplace solution app usage provides an indication of how many people are still working from home vs. going to the office.

15 May 2020
  • App usage data shows that Chinese users spent less time on working-from-home apps in April than in March, but still far more than before the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • Time spent on workplace solution apps peaked at the end of March at almost 9x the level in early January.
  • Time spent started to decline in early April as more and more people went back to work.
  • DingTalk's share of daily active users fell slightly in April, though it remained No. 1 in the category.

Share of Time Spent on Workplace Solution Apps Relative to All Apps – Indexed to 5-Jan-20

Source: UBS Evidence Lab, QuestMobile

Share of Daily Active Users Relative to All Apps in China

Source: UBS Evidence Lab, QuestMobile