Bankers, Brokers and Client Advisors The Bank for Banks

We take a broad view of how we can help our clients to manage risk and capture opportunities. Unlike other banks, we see financial intermediaries as potential clients and partners rather than local competitors. That's why we are The Bank for Banks.

By giving smaller banks, brokers and client advisors access to our global coverage, market-leading sales and trading operations and superior technology platform, we provide the means for them to enhance their client offering and achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in how they do business.

Our global resources enable intermediaries to focus on what they do best. By partnering with UBS, they can enhance the quality and range of their client offering, realize efficiency gains and improve client service without the associated development costs.

To build lasting relationships with intermediaries, we provide them with access to all the products and services they need to achieve their clients' goals. Our solutions range from FX pricing and securities order routing to investment research and corporate finance. Our market-leading products and services can be customized to optimize each link in the value chain.