Learn more. Be more.

UBS University.

In a world where change is constant, knowledge sets people and companies apart more than ever. We help our employees keep their knowledge and skills up to speed and accelerate their growth and development – personally and professionally.

The UBS University offering 

  • In 2018, UBS University transformed its offering to connect employees with global trends, transform their businesses, lead in a digital world and re-skill to prepare for the future. Monthly recommended learning playlists enable employees to explore a wide variety of topics.
  • Each employee spent (on average) 1.8 days in internal training in 2017
  • Our employees participated in 812,000 development activities
  • Leadership programs such as Senior Leadership Experience, ED Accelerate, and the Ascent program

"What do you still want to learn?” Hear how our CEO Sergio P. Ermotti answers this question and see how the newly launched UBS University can help all of us grow.