Friendly and collaborative teams and the opportunity to grow and develop help make UBS a great place to unlock your potential. In the video below, Group CEO Sergio P. Ermotti, Group Head HR Stefan Seiler, and Head UBS University Amelie Villeneuve-Moore talk about the many ways our employees can grow at UBS.

From internal mobility across regions and divisions, to collaborating and exchanging ideas and expertise across global teams, to an ever-evolving selection of tools to upskill and broaden your horizons, the opportunities are endless.

We caught up with Amelie Villeneuve-Moore to learn more about UBS University and what's on offer there.

Who's involved in giving the training?
"You have the chance, if you come and work at UBS, to work with some of the most exciting companies and leaders in the world. And I really mean from CEOs to soldiers, ranging from Chinese gaming companies to luxury goods companies."

Just classroom learning?
"At UBS University, we've also taken a serious investment into serious play. Instead of just listening to a lecture with a professor, you get a chance learn through virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and three-dimensional case studies. You also get feedback from your own bosses (and peers), plus people outside the industry who can help you to shape your career."

How do we differ from other corporate universities?
"Most corporate universities develop one or two programs per level and call it a day. One of the things I love that sets us apart is that our integrated leadership system includes a suite of offers that go far beyond a program. For example, rotations, projects, shadowing and assessments. These are tracked over a two to three year horizon. This allows you to not just work on being ready for your current job, but also to think about what your career should look like next."

In June 2019, UBS University rolled out a learning app, filled with content to access on the go. Many of our people have already downloaded it!

What part of UBS University are you most proud of?
"Outside of the Integrated Leadership Development Suite, we have a huge number of offerings that drive diversity and inclusion. Two of them I'm particularly proud of: first is an education and skills group that specifically helps women to build their careers in finance and banking; second, we are building coding and digital skills at every level of the bank.

What that means is that people who are in the middle of their careers who want to re-skill can take some of our courses. Also, people who are just joining the workforce can digitize as the whole industry digitizes."

Sergio P. Ermotti is Group CEO at UBS. Education is a topic close to his heart and he supports it by endorsing the many internal initiatives as well as supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4, Quality Education.

Stefan Seiler is Group Head HR. He works every day to promote innovative initiatives across UBS and make it a global employer of choice and a great place to unlock everyone's potential.

Amelie Villeneuve-Moore joined our team from Google in 2017 as Head of UBS University, and has made it her focus to find new ways for UBS employees to learn whenever, wherever they want.

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