Taking a career break so young was never a part of the plan, but life seems to have its own set of rules.

It's said the two most common reasons for emigrating are a new job or love; mine was for the latter. Fleeing the bright lights of London for a more family-friendly habitat, Zurich was the perfect nesting ground to raise a family. And, making the decision to take time out from my thriving career to focus on my family unlocked a door to a whole new world – and a new identity along the way. It was as though someone had hit a reset button and my eyes were opened. Fast forward a few years, and I was ready to apply my experiences to a new challenge and return to work.

After discovering UBS Career Comeback via my husband (a UBS employee of 12 years), I was amazed at its unique offering. UBS has always been on my radar as an attractive employer, and now I was ready to learn more. However, while my motivation was high and my goals were crystal clear, I was still nervous about the process. And because my background was not finance related, I tried not to have high expectations.

Although daunting, the application process was seamless, and the Career Comeback team supported me along the way. I was invited to an Insights event where I met senior leaders, hiring manages and other candidates while getting a glimpse into UBS's culture. To my surprise, my experience was embraced and there was a position available that suited both my skills and my career interests.

After meeting with the hiring manager and additional members of the team, it was apparent that the Insights day was a true reflection of UBS and the culture it prides itself on: attracting great talent, cultivating strong teams, and caring about its employees. It was the people who made my experience enjoyable, relaxed and human, and in the end, it was a match!

Now I'm on a countdown to my start date, so the next chapter remains unwritten - my UBS journey awaits!

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