More insights from Shuwen

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m Shuwen. I’m an undergraduate from the National University of Singapore Business School, with a double major in Finance and Analytics & Operations.

Can you describe what your role was here?

I worked in Operations during my ten week internship, under the reporting and analytics services team. I worked on many interesting projects, including a robotic process automation (RPA) bot. This bot automates the consolidation of funding requests from different software platforms. I also had the opportunity to work on an email analysis dashboard which analyzes a team's shared mailbox.

What do you think of our culture?

The culture at UBS feels unique – something I’ve never experienced in any other company. It's extremely inclusive, open, and collaborative. It’s constantly challenging the status quo and striving for excellence. I was given a safe space to make mistakes and learn from them. I was surprised at how much trust and responsibility UBS is willing to give to interns. I felt I had a voice in the room, and the opportunity to make a real impact in my team.

Speaking of your team, what can you tell us about them?

Together with my two managers, there were about a dozen people in the team. I think this smaller team structure helped me communicate with the team leads and get a better understanding of high-level team strategies.

What would you say was the highlight of the internship?

The highlight of this internship was definitely the amazing people I’ve met and the exposure to the different functions. I now have a better understanding of the wealth management industry, as well as the day-to-day operations of such a big global firm.

Congratulations on being accepted onto our 2018 Graduate Talent Program! What do you think made you stand out?

I think one thing UBS saw in me was the willingness to take initiative and ownership in whatever I do, even as an intern.

Tell us one thing that no one would know about you.

Here are two things, actually – I really like dinosaurs, and my favorite composer is Johann Sebastian Bach.

How do you relax after work?

I enjoy jogging and Muay Thai (Thai boxing), as well as watching movies!

Are you interested in joining our team?

Visit our job board and you may find something perfect for you.

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