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Kavita's initial career was as a consultant, and it was a consulting project that initially brought her into UBS. "I worked for about a year on a data-related project," she says, "And for the first time in my consulting career, my experience coming into UBS each day made me think that this is a place I would really like to work. I experienced a very collegial, collaborative culture and worked with high quality, smart people.

"One of the things that attracted me most was the emphasis that the firm placed – and still places – on its extra-curricular activities, like our community affairs program and the different employee networks and societies. I was impressed that a firm would encourage and support its employees in this way."

And for the first time in my consulting career, my experience coming into UBS each day made me think that this is a place I would really like to work.

For six years she was based in the Investment Bank, first for the EMEA region and then globally, as a program manager on different regulatory initiatives. In 2013, she transitioned into what is now the Group Regulatory & Governance function.

"I joined in 2006 when the firm was really doing well – and then the crisis came," she says. "UBS was one of the first firms to acknowledge what needed to change, and I think we've been much more focused than our peers on executing this change. Given that my experience has been so focused on regulatory change, it's been really fulfilling to know that I've contributed to creating and implementing solutions of strategic importance. It's definitely one of the reasons I have stayed."

And the extra-curricular activities remain a strong pull. Having joined London's UBS Choral Society when she first arrived in the firm, she is still singing with them every Tuesday at lunch-time and is now the group's treasurer. She is also the co-chair of the UK All Bar None women's network and a business mentor to the Chief Executive of the National Center for Circus Arts, through the firm's community affairs program. "It's important to have a broad and deep network," she says, "And these kinds of activities have certainly helped me build one."

Lastly, Kavita has some advice for those wanting to build a solid career.

"I recently attended a talk on the concept of having a 'personal board room, 'which I liked a lot: you need a group of people in your life who can support you, challenge you and be a sounding board. I also think you need to have complete ownership over whatever you are responsible for – treat it like it's your own business, be passionate about the outcomes. And find a culture that resonates. The UBS culture drew me in initially and still resonates with me today. I want to be in a place where people challenge to get the right result, collaborate to bring their colleagues with them, and have the integrity to own what they do."

Kavita in a nutshell

Kavita is the head of UK Recovery and Resolution Planning, Group Regulatory & Governance and has been with UBS for over 12 years.

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