Find out what a typical day for him is like.

I get into the office around 8:30am and love to start the day coding, when there aren't that many people around. I can focus entirely on solving Java puzzles for a while. The whole team is usually here by 10, so we can enjoy some good coffee together and have some time discussing things like travel, nutrition, or how we're going to change the world today!

We develop UBS Neo, the bank's client-facing platform for cross-asset trading, content, collaboration and analysis. We do fancy social media-like features such as publishing articles and videos, sharing & following, chat groups - often from scratch and using a modern Java/JS stack.

Work on UBS Neo also means lots of lively conversations with friendly and open-minded technologists in Poland, London or APAC. That makes it even more interesting. We believe in a flat structure with trust in the middle, and that's why the network of our development teams is so effective.

My day is also partially filled with regional management duties for Poland, simply making sure the workplace is somewhere people want to be. This includes bringing more and more interesting work to Krakow and Wroclaw, and recruiting people willing to keep learning and improving. I'm proud that Poland is now the biggest IT location for UBS Neo, full of empowered engineers who challenge the stereotype of "old banking technology."

Each day also brings those small team initiatives that are sometimes the most important for building the right culture. For example, we have "ice cream Wednesdays," contribute to weekly newsletters, or go for team lunches together. And after work, you know, everyone has those small things she or he loves to do. For me, it's my family, a good Swedish crime book, or recently, 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

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