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The information below is important - be sure to read it before you move forward. By accepting below you are consenting to the following privacy terms ("Privacy Statement"):

The information you submit as a candidate ("Candidate") in your application or otherwise provide to UBS AG, its branches, subsidiaries, or affiliated companies anywhere in the world (collectively, "UBS"), whether verbally or in writing, and throughout or in connection with the recruitment process, including during assessments and interviews ("Information") will be hosted and stored on behalf of UBS by Kenexa BrassRing, Inc, a Delaware corporation with its principal office located at 343 Winter Street, Waltham, MA USA (or its successor or substitute).

Except with your express consent or otherwise permitted by applicable law, the Information will only be used or otherwise processed for the following purposes: (i) recruitment; (ii) marketing purposes related to recruitment, (iii) legal; (iv) regulatory; (v) data retention; (vi) statistical (diversity reporting, trend analysis, metrics reporting); and (vii) personnel administration and management purposes; ("Purposes").

You understand that in some locations, the Information you submit may not be subject to the same legal protection as is mandated in your home country and that the laws regarding privacy, data protection, and confidentiality of personal information may not be accorded the same protection as in your home country. UBS will, however, treat your Information in accordance with this Privacy Statement anywhere in the world that it is received.

UBS operates through branches, subsidiaries and business groups around the world and your Information may be accessed by / shared with and retained by any of these UBS branches, subsidiaries, or affiliated companies for the Purposes (see above).

UBS may also release the Information to a recruiting agency or other third party service provider which may be located outside of your home country to perform functions on UBS' behalf for or in support of UBS' processing of the Information within the Purposes (such as contacting you by phone or sending you e-mail, coordinating or organizing meetings with you or providing IT support). Kenexa BrassRing, Inc and any other third party service providers performing functions on behalf of UBS have to meet high security standards to protect your Information and will treat it confidentially and in accordance with this Privacy Statement. UBS may also release the Information to other third parties pursuant to a court order, directives or orders of states authorities or as required by law.

You confirm that all the Information you submit, including this application, will be true, accurate, complete and not misleading. You understand that any false or misleading statements or omissions made by you during the application process, including this application and any assessments and interviews, may be sufficient cause to justify the rejection of your application or, if you have already become an employee, the immediate termination of your employment, subject to due process.

UBS encourages you to apply online. Should you, however, have difficulties in applying online or there are circumstances that mean you are unable to apply online, please contact us by e-mail or letter at the address of the UBS office in your relevant country to discuss alternative ways you can apply.

The Information submitted to us may be retained for the Purposes described by UBS or by a third party on behalf of UBS in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

In the event that you are invited to attend a testing session or interview and assessment day, all assessment data will be retained by UBS or a third party service provider on behalf of UBS in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

We may at a later stage in the recruitment process carry out a verification of Information you have provided, including that provided in your application. You agree that such verification processes may be carried out by UBS or a third party service provider on behalf of UBS in accordance with this Privacy Statement. If your application is successful, you agree that we may also use your Information for personnel administration (including, but not limited to, requesting that you complete recruitment related surveys) and management purposes.

In the event that your application is unsuccessful, the Information you submit may be referred to in the event that you make a later application and we may attempt to contact you via the e-mail address or the telephone number you provide in the event that a subsequent vacancy becomes available for which you may be suitable.

Your application is only an application for that specific position. If you are interested in other positions at UBS, please apply separately for these openings as UBS will not necessarily automatically consider you for other openings.

UBS checks the data of a Candidate for risk and compliance reasons (e.g. to comply with anti-money laundering requirements). To this effect, UBS will perform a name check in their central database. The data in the database are primarily supplied by an external provider (Dow Jones Factiva, see: from publicly available sources (Internet, press articles, etc.). It cannot be excluded that the public data supplied by the external provider also contains data on a person's racial and ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions, and union membership. UBS uses only data which is related to the hiring and execution of the employment and/or which is necessary to do the required checks on money laundering, criminal activities, corruption, terrorist financing and similar compliance aspects. The checks are performed by specially authorized UBS staff. The data and results are only used for the aforementioned purposes.

Your Information may be retained and accessible in the system for the purposes mentioned for up to 36 months from the date your profile is created or was last modified, whichever is later. After this period it will be destroyed, except that a Candidate's data for positions in the USA may be retained for a longer period of time.

If you do not agree to UBS retaining your Information, please contact us using the information provided online.

If we deem it appropriate or necessary, we reserve the right to, without notifying you, delete or remove from our systems the Information you submitted to us, at any time.

In some circumstances you may have the right to object to our processing of your data (and any other rights granted) under applicable data protection / privacy laws. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact us using the information provided online.

You can also change or remove the Information you have submitted directly in the system through your secured online account.

The application form, all Information contained in it and any information you provide to us during the application process will be transmitted over the Internet, which is openly accessible to all. As such, you acknowledge that such means of transmission is not secure and the data in question may be transmitted across national boundaries without restriction, irrespective of the location of the sender and recipient. Neither UBS nor any of our third party service providers accept any liability whatsoever (whether for injury, loss or damage or howsoever incurred) to Candidates as a result of transmission of their personal data (including any errors, delays or failure in transmission) via the Internet.

By accepting below, you confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Privacy Statement and give your consent to the processing of your Information (including any sensitive personal data) as envisaged by and in accordance with these terms and agree that UBS assumes no liability and is under no legal obligation unless explicitly stated in this Privacy Statement or otherwise as agreed in writing between you and UBS.

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