Technology is where the action is! Technology is what powers our business, and our people are the real power behind technology. Come. Grow with us and be a part of the action.

Uday Odedra, Managing Director, Head of APAC Technology

Are you a technology enthusiast? Are you passionate about the future?

Who we are:

Technology is at the very heart of UBS. As a team of thousands of talented women and men, we have a critical role to play in building, delivering and maintaining the systems, services and infrastructure that power our business. So, banking is technology; but really technology is people – and every person has a crucial role to play on the UBS Technology team.

What we do:

We work in partnership with our businesses to deliver the systems and services that keep UBS competitive. Our IT services range from business consultancy to technical architecture. From analysis, automation,  and design, to application development and project management. Our diverse, global teams work across functions and time zones to solve business, technical and operational challenges.

There are opportunities for professional development at all levels within Technology. Technical roles involve working with established and emerging technologies, often early in the development cycle. Project work is a common feature of business-facing roles, with room for strategic thinking and management interaction. We offer a dynamic, creative and supportive working environment, technical and non-technical career progression and ongoing learning opportunities.