UBS AM is No. 1 in China. Again.

UBS Asset Management is the no.1 foreign asset manager in China according to Broadridge, a US-based data and research firm.

08 Oct 2019

UBS AM tops China Power Rankings

Broadridge surveys 60 global asset managers active in China and compiles an annual China Power Ranking that scores asset managers on size of AuM, extent of business scope, local operational strength, retail brand perception, global investment strength, and 'China as a Priority.'

The Top 10 Asset Managers in China and their scores

  1. UBS Asset Management - 8
  2. JP Morgan Asset Management - 7.5
  3. BlackRock - 6.8
  4. Invesco - 6.1
  5. DWS - 5.4
  6. Allianz Global Investors - 5.3
  7. Schroders - 5.3
  8. AXA Investment Managers - 5
  9. Credit Suisse - 4.9
  10. HSBC Global Asset Management - 1.9

UBS AM in China: 20+ years of commitment

Topping the China Power Rankings validates our efforts to build a strong China platform over the past 20 years. Standout steps include:

  • 1998: Establishing Hong Kong-based products for investing offshore for Chinese domestic investors.
  • 2005: Joining SDIC with the first Sino-foreign fund management joint venture (JV) - UBS SDIC Fund Management Co. Ltd – focusing on retail, mutual funds, and ETFs;
  • 2011: Setting up UBS AM (China) Ltd. a 100% owned wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) for domestic alternative investment management in China;
  • 2015: Establishing UBS AM (Shanghai) WFOE and being the first international asset manager to be awarded a QDLP, qualified domestic limited partnership, investment quota;
  • 2017: Earning the first ever private fund management (PFM) license for foreign asset managers in China, allowing us to serve high-net-worth investors and institutional clients. Launching the first onshore equity private fund managed by a WFOE in China;
  • 2019: Breaking new ground as the first foreign manager to launch a fund of private securities funds (FOF) in China.

Three times a leader

But it's not only Broadridge who think we are the leading foreign asset manager in China.

Z-Ben Advisors, a Shanghai-based consultancy, ranked UBS Asset Management as the no. 1 foreign asset manager in China out of a group of 25 competitors in both 2018 and 2019.

Z-Ben Advisors ranked us the leading manager because of our onshore Chinese strategy and ability to raise Chinese capital, including programs that permit domestic capital to be invested overseas and our usage of fund products into China's inbound investment channels.

UBS AM. Your first call for China

But while winning accolades is nice, it's what we bring to clients that matters.

We're focused on being our clients' 'First Call for China' and we are doing that by delivering innovative product design, transparent auditing, stable investment styles, responsive infrastructure for regulatory changes, and strong, onshore expertise.

At the end of the day, it's our expertise that matters, and that will prove to be particularly true in the coming years. That's because China's ongoing growth story will not only require new thinking by asset allocators globally, but also compel investors to get up to speed rapidly.

And our vision is to be our clients' trusted advisor on any China investment journey by offering global and domestic investors a broad range of traditional and alternative China strategies and solutions.

With our growing onshore expertise, expanding product shelf and unique onshore capabilities we're confident we will continue to be your first call for China, so get in touch with us today to learn more about our China capabilities.