Five reasons for a standalone China investment strategy

How can investors best capture growth in China's economy, stock and bond markets? Here's five reasons why a dedicated, standalone investment strategy makes sense.

30 Jun 2019

1. China is driving the global economy.

Despite a minor slowdown in 2019, China is where the growth is. The IMF's April 2019 estimates put China's contribution to 2019 global  growth at 33%1

2. China’s markets are some of the largest on earth

China’s markets are so large that they deserve a standalone allocation, in the same way investors do to the UK, Japan, and Germany2

3. And China’s markets are becoming more accessible

Stock and Bond Connect programs have opened up onshore markets. Overseas equity investors put RMB 125,4bn to work in China’s equity markets in Q1 20193

4. Offering benefits for investors

Three attractors stand out

5. And strategic positioning for the future

As new growth drivers from technology and consumer sectors propel China’s economy