O'Connor is dedicated to absolute return investment management and manages USD 5.7 billion (as of 1 October 2015) in non-traditional strategies through its Global Long/Short Equities, Credit Long/Short, Merger Arbitrage and Convertible Securities programs. O'Connor has a global trading platform with offices located in Chicago, London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

O’Connor’s trading and risk management experience dates back to 1977 when O’Connor was a private partnership specializing in derivatives and market-making. Over the next 23 years O’Connor established itself as a global leader in trading various markets and derivatives instruments as both a private partnership and within Swiss Bank Corp’s and subsequently UBS AG’s investment bank proprietary trading divisions. Over this time O’Connor has maintained its focus on relative value investing and state-of-the-art risk management capabilities.

As a result of its industry leading reputation with regards to its investment capabilities and risk management, O'Connor has consistently evolved with the ever changing global investment markets and prides itself on the continuous advice delivered to hedge funds/alternative investment vehicles and their investors since 2000.

O'Connor's capabilities comprise a wide range of investment programs with attractive risk-adjusted absolute returns, which generally possess low correlation to most major asset classes and traditional investment benchmarks.