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June 2015 – QE: time for the genie to go back in the bottle?

Quantitative easing (QE) was a dramatically unorthodox solution to the entrenched economic problems created by the financial crisis. It has worked. So should QE now be considered a permanent part of central bankers' toolkits? eng (PDF, 178 KB)

July 2014 - A warning to bond bears

Are we at the start of a long-term bond bear market? Many commentators have made up their minds – it started two years ago. But I’m not so sure. In this paper, I present three factors that I expect to keep bond yields lower for longer, and five important implications for investors.  eng (PDF, 321 KB)

October 2013 - What's new?

The asset management industry is awash with buzzwords that are claimed to be innovative investment concepts. While the buzzwords may be newish, the concepts that they describe are not. Curt looks in detail at four buzzwords: risk parity, alternative investments, factor-based investing and solutions. eng (PDF, 515 KB)

October 2012 - Evolution of the asset manager

In this paper Curt Custard, head of Global Investment Solutions (GIS), and Matthew Richards, a GIS strategist, argue that the asset management industry is being reshaped by evolutionary pressures. They analyse the effects of demographic, economic and industry-specific changes, and set out ways in which asset managers are adapting to a tougher environment.
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30 March 2012 - Sugar high

Curt Custard, head of Global Investment Solutions, remarks that the markets seem to be racing around like a toddler that has had its way with a bowl full of candy. The ‘candy’ consists of vast quantities of liquidity from central banks. Curt notes that, although candy tastes good, it is full of ‘empty’ calories, giving the child a ‘high’ for a few hours but unable to sustain the body for a longer period. He argues that central banks run a huge risk with inflation expectations on the rise.
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19 March 2012 - Back to the future

Curt Custard, head of Global Investment Solutions, looks at long-term developments in the investment world, which he says may end up resembling the 1970s more than the environment we experienced over the past decade. He highlights six of the big-picture trends that continue to evolve.

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13 January 2012 - Endgame

Curt Custard, head of Global Investment Solutions, discusses the crises affecting politics and markets worldwide, and argues that they must be resolved with bitter austerity sweetened by freshly printed money and fizzing with contentious transfers of wealth – a cocktail he calls ‘Endgame’.

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18 July 2011 - Whose inflation is it anyway?

Curt Custard discusses the conundrums for policymakers facing diverging trends in core inflation, headline inflation and asset price inflation. He also explains the problems inherent in two suboptimal currency areas that make up two-thirds of the world economy, namely the eurozone and the US dollar bloc.

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19 April 2011 - To infinity and beyond

China recently became the world's second-largest economy. Many commentators are predicting that continued rapid growth will see China surpass the United States as the world's biggest economy in about 20 years. Comparing China today with Japan in the 1980s, Curt Custard argues against extrapolating China's recent growth too far into the future.

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18 October 2010 - Learning to love risk

Volatility is likely to be here to stay for as long as slow growth and uncertainty over the direction and effectiveness of macro policy reign. The current market is a target-rich environment but it requires a greater than usual ability to be nimble, a focus on the facts and fundamentals through the noise and bluster and a solid understanding of the risks driving portfolios.

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14 May 2010 - Europe's Summer of Discontent

Cold, wet winds have recently blown across European capitals and markets alike. Is this the beginning of the end for the Eurozone as it is currently structured or will recent events finally force greater integration? In this changeable climate, investors have to be nimble or have strong stomachs.

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19 February 2010 - Tail Risk

While stuck in a snowdrift at Beijing airport, Curt Custard reflects on his situation as a metaphor for the world economy and markets. With the plane's tail still on the runway, he and his fellow travellers are perilously positioned - waiting for Chinese workers to bail them out while worrying about something that could take off their tail.

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7 October 2009 - The ABCs of Us, Vs and Ws

While the next six months or so should offer relatively safe sailing, the outlook beyond that is quite uncertain. Curt Custard discusses three possible scenarios: a U-shaped recovery, a V-shaped recovery or a W-shaped ('double-dip') and gives a view on the most likely outcome.

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3 June 2009 - 'Property is Theft' - Identifying the key long-term secular trends

In the second paper in this series, Curt Custard turns his attention to the long-term trends that he believes will develop as we emerge from the current crisis and concludes that the next 10 to 15 years won't look like the recent past.

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29 January 2009 - 'The Obama Bump'

Curt Custard reflects on 2008 and the outlook for 2009 as President Obama's stimulus package makes its way through the US Congress. Can the appetite for 'hope' and 'change' be met?

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