European Opportunity Unconstrained

Seeking out alpha in Europe? Choose an unconstrained approach

Caution is a word used by many investors when considering investing in Europe. Others may simply say, avoid.

Our Concentrated Alpha Equity Team use a different word: 'Unconstrained'

They believe that the ongoing recovery in Europe creates opportunities for the long-term investor. But with valuations moving higher, one needs to be selective within Europe.

For investors seeking an actively managed equity fund, with less or equal volatility than broad equity indices, the UBS European Opportunity Unconstrained Fund delivers on these objectives.

The disciplined investment approach of the UBS Unconstrained fund has delivered a strong long term performance track record, ranking in the top 1% of comparable funds over 1, 3 and 5 years with a 5 Star Morningstar rating.



Other markets:

If your market is not listed, unfortunately the UBS European Opportunity Unconstrained is not registered to sell in your country.

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