UBS Euro High Yield Fund

Until we are awarded the recognition from our clients

At UBS Global Asset Management we have received awards for many of our funds, recognising their long-term performance. Our Euro high yield capability is no exception.

Our team of locally based investment specialists benefit from access to our comprehensive global resources. This breadth and depth of experience allows us to combine top-down and bottom-up drivers in a research-driven investment process. This disciplined investment approach has enabled us to deliver strong long-term performance, achieve an overall five star Morningstar Rating and win accolades from independent ratings agencies such as Lipper.

But awards are simply not enough.

We are committed to continuing to look for ways to achieve outstanding long-term investment performance and delivering exceptional services for our clients.

And until we are your high yield asset manager of choice…

We will not rest.

Other markets:

If your market is not listed, unfortunately the UBS Euro High Yield is not registered to sell in your country.

However, please click the link below to register your interest.

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