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UBS Exchange Traded Funds offer the following benefits:

  • Diversification

  • Market performance

  • Flexibility

  • Value for money

  • Transparency

  • Real-time pricing


By selecting UBS Exchange Traded Funds, you can diversify your portfolio with a single transaction. When you buy a UBS Exchange Traded Fund you basically buy all the stocks in the underlying index indirectly. This makes an investment in UBS Exchange Traded Funds a very cost-effective way of gaining broad-based market coverage.

Market performance

UBS Exchange Traded Funds deliver the performance of the replicated market minus the relevant fees. If you have a bullish outlook on a specific country or sector, UBS Exchange Traded Funds represent a particularly attractive investment opportunity. And because fees are low compared to other forms of investment, you can benefit more from the performance. The twice-yearly dividends paid by UBS Exchange Traded Funds are in proportion to those accumulated in the underlying stocks, minus fees.


UBS Exchange Traded Funds are easy to buy and sell. The liquidity of your investment in UBS Exchange Traded Funds is similar to that of the underlying market. UBS Exchange Traded Funds can be used in many ways as part of your investment strategy: for long-term growth, short-term trading opportunities or for partially hedging your portfolio. UBS Exchange Traded Funds simply do what the market does, enabling you to take advantage of market trends and developments.

Value for money

With UBS Exchange Traded Funds, you only pay brokerage fees and a relatively low annual management fee (flat fee). This makes UBS Exchange Traded Funds an extremely cost-effective instrument to establish a diversified, tradable portfolio.


You know exactly which stocks you are getting when you buy UBS Exchange Traded Funds, because the fund replicates a particular index. For example, the UBS-ETF EURO STOXX 50 invests in the same stocks as the EURO STOXX 50® index in the weightings defined by the index. The constituent securities contained in the index can be found by clicking on the latest fund prices page at the left.

Real-time pricing

The trading value of UBS Exchange Traded Funds is based on the current price of the underlying index stocks. The indicative net asset value of UBS Exchange Traded Funds is calculated every 15 seconds during normal trading hours and is available from your bank or financial advisor, or on this website by clicking on the latest fund prices page at the left. This gives you an immediate price and valuation reference when buying or selling.