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Panorama mid-year: The reflation debate

June 2017

Is the global reflation investment theme over? Senior members of our investment teams across both traditional and alternative asset classes wade into the debate.

We asked our contributors to identify the risks and opportunities in their respective investment universes in the context of what we see as the three key drivers of markets in the remainder of 2017 and beyond:

  1. The theme of reflation
  2. The extent to which monetary policy changes have already been priced in by the markets
  3. Geopolitical developments globally

Panorama: Global investment insights for 2017

November 2016

At the very heart of the challenge for investors in 2017 lies the push and pull relationship between central bank policy and the fiscal landscape. In this new publication, UBS portfolio managers consider the biggest risks and greatest opportunities investors face as we enter 2017.

While our investors highlight a number of challenges in the months ahead, there is a recurring theme throughout: dislocation in markets and changing price relationships relative to historical norms continue to present compelling opportunities across global asset classes for the right strategies and skilled investment professionals to deliver the outcomes that clients expect.