Identifying winners and losers in an Energy Transition Economy

UBS O'Connor's Equity Long / Short Environmental Focus

Increased public awareness of climate change and its consequences will influence societal preferences and behaviors that will catalyze the global Energy Transition Economy. The investment opportunity set is continuously growing and evolving as the momentum behind the energy transition, requiring trillions of dollars of capex, accelerates.

UBS O'Connor's Equity Long / Short Environmental Focus Strategy seeks to identify structural winners and losers that will emerge as the world shifts to a more sustainable, lower carbon economy.

As a result of increased energy demand and changing norms, companies across various sectors will face the challenge of maintaining profitability while implementing strategies and initiatives to address climate change. Companies and industries within the Energy Transition Economy framework will emerge as winners or losers as the world transitions to a more sustainable, lower carbon economy creating investment opportunities across sectors and geographies.

Key benefits

Dynamic and growing opportunity set as the Energy Transition Economy evolves

Skilled team with deep investment experience across sectors

Thematic approach combined with fundamental research is a low net, risk managed portfolio construct

Projection of world energy demand million bb/d


Global energy demand is projected to increase significantly due to population growth and improving standards of living in developing economies

Collaboration is at center of UBS-AM's expertise

  • Ken Geren, Portfolio Manager has over twenty years investment industry experience, where he has focused on generating alpha both long and short. 
  • Ken leads a team of 6 sector focused analysts who work collaboratively to identify themes and opportunities from a top down and bottom up perspective.
  • The portfolio is actively managed to take advantage of market volatility and dispersion which will create investment opportunities both long and short as structurally advantaged and disadvantaged industries and companies become apparent over time.
  • The EFF team collaborates with the broader O'Connor team across front, middle and back offices.

UBS – your partner in sustainable investing

  • Today, UBS Asset Management ranks as the 6th largest sustainable investing focused manager by assets under management globally with USD 48 billion1 and has USD 357 bn in ESG integrated assets under management. We are also the 2nd most successful in raising net new money over the last 12 months.
  • We are also a leader in sustainability data and committed to supporting clients in their own climate change transition.
  • Putting that commitment into action, we continue to focus on the development of investor relevant solutions.

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