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UBS Fondcenter provides easy and efficient access to almost 400 fund providers worldwide. Your benefits as a distribution partner:

  • Easy access to a global fund universe with a single contract. This cuts down on legal and operational risks and reduces complexity by simplifying processes.
  • Efficient management and maintenance of all cooperation and sales agreements for various distribution channels.
  • You’ll benefit from automated, well-structured processes, allowing you to focus on your core business.
  • The modular nature of our offering means that we can tailor services to your needs by combining fund research, legal agreement management and calculation of trailer fees with mutual fund, ETF and hedge fund execution and custody services.
  • You’ll increase your profitability and be able to convert fixed costs into variable costs.
  • UBS Fund Compass, an innovative and user-friendly web-tool provides a powerful fund search, comparison and analysis tool as well as a comprehensive fund data hub that supports you in meeting regulatory and research requirements.
  • You profit from in-depth global regulatory and compliance competence in line with the latest market requirements (MiFID II, AIFMD, RDR, etc.)
    You can count on timely payment of trailer fees and receive comprehensive and detailed remuneration fee reporting.
  • You benefit from a short time-to-market to add new funds on the shelf.

UBS Fund Compass – your modular workbench

UBS Fund Compass helps you to analyze and select funds by providing you with fund information, fund analytics, a sophisticated fund search engine, a fund comparison tool and much more.

We provide tangible support

  • We put our resources, know-how and experience at your disposal and you’ll have a personal contact person who knows you, your needs and your goals.
  • Our dedicated local teams will respond to your inquiries and make sure that you receive the support you need from start to finish.
  • Colleagues from every UBS division are integrated into our support team. This way we can offer you a comprehensive range of services related to the fund business.

We are ready for your future

  • We observe and analyze emerging trends and are deeply involved in the industry. For example, we supported the openfunds initiative from the very beginning, and are now actively involved in its implementation.
  • We are continuously developing our service offering and our web applications, with the help of external service providers.
  • We monitor all regulatory developments attentively, and will support you in the implementation of new requirements.

Please get in touch with us to learn more about UBS Fondcenter and the services we can provide to you and your clients.

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